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A successful Weekend in the Green Hell for NLS

A double header weekend kicked off last weekend with many girls on track like Janine Shoffner, Carrie Schreiner, Célia Martin, Christina Nielsen, Chantal Prinz, Michelle Halder, Laura Luft, Laura Kraihamer, Sarah Ganser, Alesia and Jacqueline Kreutzpointer. With some success and several class wins as well as three overall Top10 results for the fast ladies in the Green Hell.

Photo by Jan Brucke/VLN

With a double header weekend 140 cars came back to the Green Hell for two race days full of action. With them 11 female drivers who want to defeat the Green Hell as always: favorites Janine Shoffner, Carrie Schreiner, Célia Martin, Christina Nielsen, Chantal Prinz, Michelle Halder and Laura Kraihamer.

But there are some returnees like Laura Luft and new faces on track with Sarah Ganser, Alesia and Jacqueline Kreutzpointer as well. A big field with mixed drivers to have a great weekend at the Nordschleife.

Photo by Jan Brucke/VLN

The story of NLS5

Pole position was set for #7 Di Martino / Giermaziak (Lamborghini GT3 Evo) with a time of 7:54.893 minutes who defended their position at the start against #44 Harper / Hesse / Verhagen (BMW M6 GT3).

The both leading cars were close together, but drama after lap 3 as the number #7 car slowed down because of a rear right tire damage and #44 passed them for the lead.

After lap 25 and 20 minutes left in the race it is #44 Harper / Hesse / Verhagen leading the race ahead of #5 Kolb / Stippler (Audi R8 LMS GT3) and #6 Assenheimer / Haupt / Christodoulou (Mercedes-AMG GT3), the #5 car is under investigation. But nothing happened and the winner team was #44 Harper / Hesse / Verhagen ahead of #6 Assenheimer / Haupt / Christodoulou (Mercedes-AMG GT3) who passed #5 Kolb / Stippler eight minutes before the chequered flag for P2.

The best overall female result was in P8 with Janine Schoffner and right behind her in P9 with Carrie Schreiner, who drove the first time with a GT3 car at the Green Hell. But have a look in the classes:

BMW M240i

Laura Luft, returnee at the Nürburgring after a long time not racing due to Covid, was joined in last minute by Sarah Ganser. Laura drove the start of the 4 hours race the first time of her Green Hell career: "Happy with my first NLS start. The best laptime on our car in qualifying and the race. My personal best laptime. Improves on the areas I wanted to since my last start on the M240i in 2019. Had fun. Finished and enjoyed every single lap."

The duo and their teammate Herwarth Wartenberg finished P4 out of 5 cars in class-


As only car in the class, Chantal and Alexander Prinz, Michael and Martin Kroll finished first in class.


Michelle Halder had massive bad luck as a balljoint broke in the last lap of the race and shewasn´t able to finish the race after the crew had massive problems in quali as well after a crash from Meik Utsch and no timed lap on Friday.

SP4 + SP5 + SP6

After the class win in H4 Chantal Prinz and her team scored a podium spot with P3 in class as well.


The first time together with Domenico Solombrino Célia Martin and Christina Nielsen competed with Yeeti Racing and scored a 2nd place in class.


As only starter in the class, Janine Shoffner and Moritz Kranz got victory and scored the 8th place overall.


First time on the Nordschleife with a GT3 car Carrie Schreiner took the chequered flag with her teammates Mike Jäger and Christian Kohlhaas in 3rd.

"Another Top 10 result on Sunday. Mega happy with my GT3 debut on the Nordschleife. Had lots of fun, enjoyed every second on track and lots of potential for the next time."


Because of technical issues Alesia Kreutzpointer wasn´t able to finish her first adventure on the Nordschleife with Nicolaj Kandbord and Niklas Kry.

"It wasn´t an easy starting situation. I didn´t drive a single lap in training or qualification and had to push straight away in the race, but I´m very happy with my performance."

Photo by Jan Brucke/VLN

The story of NLS 6

Pole and new inoffical track record for #34 Krognes / Pittard / Tuck (BMW M6 GT3) with a time of 7:51.807 minutes.

The start didn´t change the leader position with the #34 in front and #5 Kolb / Stippler behind with #6 Assenheimer / Haupt / Metzger (Mercedes-AMG GT3) improved to P3.

We saw #6 with problems after a contact with #22 Weiss / Weiss / Krumbach at the AMG-Arena and they had to come into the pits for some repair.

#34 Krognes / Pittard / Tuck (BMW M6 GT3) lead after lap8 with a gap of 4,8 seconds ahead of #5 Kolb / Stippler (Audi R8 LMS GT3), #7 Jefferies / Di Martino / Giermaziak (Lamborghini GT3 Evo) and #3 Olsen / Müller / Picariello (Porsche 911 GT3 R).

#920 Bohr & Moelig / Kolfer (KTM X-Bow GTX) stranded on track. A light contact from #7 Jefferies / Die Martino / Giermaziak on #5 Kolb / Stippler who braked because of the standing KTM.

Kongres tried to pass Kolb, but he was able to defend. Some slight contacts during the overlapping, but he managed to stay ahead of Kongres, but a 30 seconds time penalty ended his fight for the lead. The time penalty was officially withdrawn after the race!

Victory for #34 Krognes / Pittard / Tuck ahead of #5 Kolb / Stippler and #3 Olsen / Müller / Picariello. Again a Top10 result for #39 Kohlhaas / Jäger / Schreiner, a promising first weekend for Carrie in a GT3 car at the Nürburgring.

BMW M240i

Laura Luft and her teammate Herwarth Wartenberg competed as duo for the 6th round of NLS and finished the race on the podium with P3. As Laura payed all from her own money and will eventually not compete in another race in 2021 that´s a great result to push for more.

"Happy about P3 in class as well as again best qualy and race laptime on our car. Also could improve my personal best and made consistent laps in traffic with faster times. Now I just need more races to get the last bits and pieces", Laura said after it.


Laura Kraihamer who joined the team for the Sunday race with Stephan Brodmerkel and Michael Mönch finsihed the race in P4.

"Unlucky one more - had a fantastic start. Lost power after a few corners and spent quite a while in the pits, where the Teichmann crew did amazing fixing the technical issue. Had a few laps in the Green Hell afterwards. Next time", Laura summed her day up.


Again Michelle Halder and her team had technical problems with the car, but were counted as 5th in class.


Célia Martin, Christina Nielsen and Domenico Solombrino repeated their result from the day before and finished on P2 again.


Janine Shoffner and Moritz Kranz scored the victory one more time as only car in class.


Carrie Schreiner and Christian Kohlhaas missed the podium closely and finished their second race together on P4.


Jacqueline Kreutzpointer, who changed the driver seat with her sister, and her team Nicolaj Kandborg and Niklar Fry with GITI TIRE MOTORSPORT BY WS RACING finished the race in the biggest class on P16 with more technical issues during the race.

The next event will take place on 11th September.

Photo by Jan Brucke/VLN



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