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Endurance racing debut for Ira Sidorkova

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The 19-year-old driver will participate for the first time in a traditional national endurance race in October.

Ph credits: Sofit Racing Team

In a year full of surprises for young driver Ira Sidorkova, she received an opportunity to debut in endurance racing. Irina, who is currently competing in the 2022 RSKG season in the "Super-Production" class, will participate for the first time in the Akhmat Race, a traditional national endurance race.

The event is hosted every year at the Fort Grozny Circuit, and will be held on October 9, the day after the last round of the RSKG. In the 4-hour race, Irina Sidorkova will share an Audi RS3 TCR with Sanvel Iskolyants and Timofey Buyanov, in the Touring class.

Throughout her career, the 19-year-old driver has collected titles in karting, touring classes and on ice tracks, as well as victories and podiums in other categories she has been competing in, including open-wheel car championships.

There was still one more challenge to add to her career, which is endurance racing. Irina has always shown a desire to be part of a team and to be on a "marathon" on four wheels, but the wait will finally be over soon.

The invitation came suddenly and left Sidorkova surprised and very excited! "Driving the fastest FWD racing car - Audi RS3 LMS (TCR class) makes me truly happy!"

"Before I got into the formulas, TCR had always been (and still is) my goal, one of my main desires in the world of motorsport! So, step by step, I am getting closer to my dreams!" - said Irina.

Before her debut in the Akhmat Race, Ira Sidorkova will still face the last two races of the RSKG calendar, in the round that will also take place at Fort Grozny Circuit. The schedule of track activities will be between October 6th – 8th, and the endurance race will be on Sunday, the 9th.

Ph credits: Sofit Racing Team



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