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Rahel Frey dominates the weekend at Hockenheimring

With two victories in two races swiss lady Rahel Frey ends the final round with Audi Sport Seyffahrt R8 LMS Cup showing a perfect weekend in the wet at Hockenheimring.

Photo by Audi R8 Cup

It was a perfect weekend for Rahel Frey with two victories in two races at Hockenheimring. The final round of the season in Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup was a very wet one. Both races started behind the Saftey Car because of weather conditions.

Rahel Frey started the first race from pole position and controlled the pace from start to finish. In the last phase of the race her compatriot Rudolf Rhyn was getting closer, but she kept him behind with her routine and scored her first victory of this weekend.

In the mid-field the battles between Tim Reiter, Mike Beckhusen, Jedrzej Szczesniak and Robin Ragolski wrote the story of this first race. Beckhusen spun and after this Szczesniak drifted through the gravel. Reiter got on P4 without fights and passed Rogalski on lap 9. Szczesniak followed shortly after him and lost this position to Rogalski in the last lap again. Rogalski drove home place 4 and the fastest lap and would go with a 20 point gap to Rhyn to the last race of the season.

Sophie Hofman ended the race in 15th place.

The second race on Sunday was wet and rainy. Behind the Saftey Car Rahel Frey started from position 3 in this final race of the season. Rhyn passed pole setter Reiter and kept Szczesniak, Rahel Frey and Beckhusen behind him. Frey passed the polish driver and opend the hunt for Rudi Rhyn on the top.

Reiter lost his car, drove through the gravel and rejoined the race on P5. But he wasn´t the only one who made mistakes in these slippery conditions. Michael Goltz spun and lost his leadership in the AM-ranking to Christian Wicht. Sophie Hofman, the second lady in the field, spun too and lost her third place in the same ranking and went down to fifth.

Rhyn fought hard, but with some time loss because of drifting on the wet track, Rahel Frey saw the chance and passed him with slight contact short before the finish. Behind her and Rhyn Beckhusen finished on the podium as third. Sophie Hofman finished the race in P14.

Robin Rogalski won the driver championship, while Jedrzej Szczesniak is the new Pro-Champion and Junior Champion simultaneously. Best of the AM-ranking is Christian Wicht.

Rahel Frey didn´t drive all races and finished the season on P8 in the overall standings, with 6 victories and two 2nd places, while Sophie Hofman ends on P5 in the AM standings.

Rahey Frey said about race 2:

I really must fight today, to win the race. Rudolf drove great and if he hasn´t done a mistake, I didn´t would pass him. He let the door wide open and I take the chance."
Photo by Audi R8 Cup



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