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"TheAmusante" is the first woman to join the F1 Virtual GP

Aléthéa Boucq, best-known for her own simracing YouTube channel "TheAmusante", will compete in the official F1 Virtual GP for Alpine, as she pushes for more female drivers in the world of eSports.

Photo by Gary Parravani /

The F1 Virtual GP has become a popular and very entertaining tradition of the racing off-season since the Covid pandemic, when F1 launched its official virtual series like many professional sports series to fill that void and to provide the much needed diversion.

But sim racing, as 2020 proved, has also become an extremely serious business, with racing drivers increasingly switching from the real to the virtual world.

For the second round of the 2021 virtual season, Alpine F1 Team (formerly Renault F1 Team) revealed their lineup, composed of two well-known YouTube stars for the Feature Race.

One of them is "Squeezie" - or Lucas Hauchard: the Frenchman has more than 15 million followers on his 2011 founded YouTube channel and more than 3 million subscribers on his second gaming channel.

But to write a small page of history will be Aléthéa Boucq, better know as "TheAmusante", who will be the first female simracer to enter the official F1 competition.

Boucq also has her own sim racing channel on YouTube and is no stranger to the virtual racing world: she started her channel (link here) in 2014 to compete at a highest level of sim racing and to bring more female participants into eSports.

"I’m so proud to be representing women in F1 Esports and really hope to do you all proud!"

Pro Series gamers Nicolas Longuet and Fabrizio Donoso will compete at the Sprint Race to establish the order for the Feature Race on Sunday, which will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube on the official F1 channels.



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