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Chloe Chambers joins F4 US with Future Star Racing in 2021

16-year old Chloe Chambers will join the 2021 Formula 4 US grid with Future Star Racing, as she embarks on the transition from karting to formula cars. But her learning season appears to be in good hands: Al Unser Jr. and Sarah Fisher will assist Chambers in her rookie campaign.

Photo by Future Star Racing

Chloe Chambers – 16 year old Guinness World Record Holder for the fastest vehicle slalom driver with a Porsche 718 Spyder – is the second driver to receive a PMH scholarship from Parella Motorsports Holding and will join the gird of the 2021 Formula 4 US championship with the newly formed Future Star Racing team.

“I am super excited to race in the F4 Championship with Future Star Racing,” said Chloe.

“I am incredibly grateful to Mark and Alora McAlister for this opportunity, along with Tony Parella of Motorsports Holdings for awarding me the PMH Powering Diversity Scholarship. It is an honor to represent Gift of Adoption Fund - a cause that is so dear to my family."

Photo by Future Star Racing

Chloe grew up in New York and has a black belt in taekwando. She started karting at the age of 8 and won many races and championships at each level as she progressed in her karting career.

By breaking the previous record for fastest vehicle slalom in a Porsche 718 Spyder, she became a Guinness World Record Holder in September 2020. 762 meters, 50 cones with a distance of 15,05 meters to each other and a time of 47,45 seconds were her way to the record.

Alongside her track activities, she is also an ambassador for Gift of Adoption, an organisation to help vulnerable children through assistance grants to give them a permanent home. Additionally she has been featured in an episode of the Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman" and on NBCs "Proving Grounds".

She will now make her open-wheel debut with Future Star Racing which was founded by Mark and Alora McAlister in 2020 to support young talented drivers.

“So many times in racing you have an amazing talent, who doesn’t have the kind of money or sponsors they need to compete,” explained Mark McAlister. “We see it all the time. That’s why we created The Wings and Wheels Foundation, Inc., to support that talent, and Future Star Racing, to provide the tools and professional help they deserve.”

Furthermore, Chloe will have the chance to rely on the expertise of two legendary names in American open wheel racing: two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Al Unser Jr., and SFHR Development co-owner and former IndyCar driver Sarah Fisher, who will oversee Chambers’ development. Fisher therefore continues to be one of the most inspirational figures in the industry: after becoming the first woman to clinch a pole position in a major American formula championship and became the first female driver/owner in the series.

The F4 US season will start at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta from 26th to 28th March.



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