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Danish F4 - tough round for Noda; solid races from Hoe, Sønderskov and Lylloff

After a long break, Danish Formula 4 hit the track at Jyllandsringen. It wasn't the weekend Juju Noda was looking for, unfortunately: the Japanese star sat out two races due to an engine issue.

Photo: Noda Racing / Twitter

Danish Formula 4 came under the international spotlight in 2020, following the arrival of Japanese superstar Juju Noda. The then-14-year old daughter of Hideki Noda, former F1 and Indycar racer, was set to make her European racing debut and the hype surrounding the young driver proved to be justified when she won from pole position her first ever race in the series. She then scored two more podiums last year, before announcing a switch to the more competitive US F4 Championship. After only one weekend - where she actually only contested free practice sessions - Noda Racing pulled out of the American-based series and returned to Denmark. Juju claimed two second places at the season opener at Padborg Park and had a more difficult second round, hampered by incidents. The series hit the track at Jyllandsringen after an almost 2 month-hiatus, where Juju aimed to return to the rostrum. While the series is known to fans of Juju Noda, the young Japanese sensation is not the only female racer on track: alongside rookie Laura Lylloff we also find Mille Hoe and Line Sønderskov - racing in F5 cars. Noda qualified in third place for this weekend's races, while Sønderskov was seventh, Mille Hoe ninth, and finally Laura Lylloff in the eleventh position. Right before the start of Race One, Juju Noda raised her hand - signaling a technical problem to her car and she had to pull out of the race. Similar fate awaited Morten Strømsted. The grid thus drove an extra formation lap before the lights went out. Pole sitter and series rookie Noah Strømsted stayed ahead but one of the biggest mover was Laura Lyllof, who jumped to P5 - unfortunately she would lose many positions later. Line Sønderskov held her qualifying place in the opening stages. William Wulf and Mads Hoe battled hard for second place, and Mille Hoe's brother would come out on top of the fight. Meanwhile, Frederik Stena spun and dropped to last. Laura Lylloff and Mille Hoe gained a few places, before the Safety Car was brought out by Jan Lylloff's spin. At the green flag, Bjerring went very wide and lost places, then stopped. Noah Strømsted won from pole, ahead of Mads Hoe and William Wulf. Emerson Fittipaldi Jr was fourth. Line Sønderskov had advanced to sixth place and preceded Mille Hoe in P7 and Laura Lylloff in P8 - in what was a solid first race for the female racers.


  1. Noah Strømsted

  2. Mads Hoe

  3. William Wulf

  4. Emerson Jr. Fittipaldi

  5. Mads Riis

  6. Line Sønderskov

  7. Mille Hoe

  8. Laura Lylloff

  9. Frederik Stena

  10. Jacob Bjerring DNF

  11. Jan Lylloff DNF

  12. Juju Noda DNS

  13. Morten Strømsted DNS

Photo: Noda Racing / Twitter

Race 2

The second race was contested on Sunday morning and Laura Lylloff was starting from reverse grid pole, ahead of Mille Hoe and Line Sonderskov. Juju Noda was scheduled to start from 12th on the grid, but once again the engine issues that had ruined her first race prevented her from taking the start in Race 2.

Lylloff maintained the lead only for a short moment and Fittipaldi quickly became a new race leader, with Wulf and Riis right behind him. A Safety Car was then deployed for Line Sønderskov's accident.

Meanwhile, Mille Hoe placed herself in eighth place, just behind Laura Lylloff in seventh. With 8 minutes to go, the race was resumed and Lylloff dropped to P9. Noah Strømsted moved into third place - later, he would launch an attack for second - held by William Wulf - and the attempt was successful.

In the final stages of the race, Mille Hoe advanced to P7 - but Laura Lyllof dropped to tenth.

Emerson Jr. Fittipaldi won after controlling the whole race, ahead of series newcomer Noah Strømsted and Mads Hoe - who continues to impress in his F5 entry.

Wulf was, in the end, classified in P5 after receiving a 3-second penalty.


  1. Emerson Jr. Fittipaldi

  2. Noah Strømsted

  3. Mads Hoe

  4. Jakob Bjerring

  5. William Wulf

  6. Mads Riis

  7. Mille Hoe

  8. Frederik Stena

  9. Jan Lylloff

  10. Laura Lylloff

  11. Line Sønderskov DNF

  12. Juju Noda DNS

  13. Morten Strømsted DSQ

Race 3

Strømsted started again from pole position, with Mille Hoe, Laura Lylloff and Line Sønderskov lining up in 7th, 10th and 11th respectively. Finally, Juju Noda could take the start and slotted in 12th place.

Noah Strømsted had a perfect start from pole to pull away from the rest of the pack. Wulf followed him in second, with Mads Hoe behind him.

Juju Noda, finally able to bounce back after the technical issues, showed her speed and overtook several cars to get into P7. Unfortunately, Hoe dropped down and Laura Lylloff crashed.

The Safety Car was brought out and the race restarted with just eight minutes left on the clock. The restart was clean - Noda gained more positions and Mads Hoe sat on the tail of Willliam Wulf. In that fight, Hoe almost ended up in the barriers when being pushed to the side by the defending Wulf - but the championship leader went through.

Wulf, later on, went into the gravel after making probable contact with Fittipaldi, who tried to move past him.

An impressive Noah Strømsted won race three, as Mads Hoe crossed the line in second, and Fittipaldi in third.

Juju Noda ended the race with a hard-fought fourth place. Line Sønderskov was eight and Mille Hoe ninth.

Mads Hoe keeps leading the championship with 174 points, 64 clear of Fittipaldi in second.

"Engine failure put us DNS for race 2." - wrote Noda. "Managed to start race 3 but not in perfect condition. But still managed to start 12th to 4th. I wish I could have a perfect car. I will try harder and not give up." - she added.

The technical difficulties meant Noda slips down to eighth in the championship standings, with still three triple-header rounds scheduled.

Padborg Park will host the next round on 4-5 September.


  1. Noah Strømsted

  2. Mads Hoe

  3. Emerson Jr. Fittipaldi

  4. Juju Noda

  5. Mads Riis

  6. Jakob Bjerring

  7. Frederik Stena

  8. Line Sønderskov

  9. Mille Hoe

  10. Jan Lylloff

  11. William Wulf

  12. Morten Strømsted DNF

  13. Laura Lylloff DNF



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