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Erin Vogel launches AE Victory Racing

Erin Vogel's new team AE Victory Racing is set to make its debut at this year's final World Racing League's round at COTA with Hannah Grisham, Sarah Montgomery and Vogel herself behind the wheel - in the first chapter of an exciting project designed to provide opportunities to female racers.

AE Victory Racing, Shift Up Now, Erin Vogel, Audi R8 LMS GT4
Photo courtesy: AE Victory Racing / Shift Up Now

Shift Up Now President and athlete Erin Vogel has announced the launch of a new racing team, AE Victory Racing, which she co-founded with her partner Aaron Snair, an experienced business owner, mechanic, chassis builder and crew chief.

The team, which is already set to make its debut on December 1-3 2023 at the final round of the World Racing League (WRL) at Circuit of the Americas, will have the support of Shift Up Now, as well as historical partners of the organization led by Pippa Mann and aimed at helping talented female racing drivers: Bell Techlogix, TeamOne Logistics, Yokohama and Sabelt are in fact taking a central role on the livery of the new team.

With the goal of providing a platform for Shift Up Now's athletes, Vogel started working on the team's concept in the summer of 2023, as she aimed to take the opportunities for women in motorsport to the next level.

“We’re so grateful for the continued support and assistance of our partners,” said Erin Vogel. “Having the opportunity and ability to bring them along to a new program with Shift Up Now at the helm is truly an honor. It’s been a dream of mine for almost a decade now to be in a position to own and manage a team where women are not only welcomed, but prioritized."

Vogel made history in 2021 when she became the first ever woman to win a GT3 competition in SRO globally. While she started her professional racing career in her 30s, Vogel quickly climbed the ranks with dedication and determination, embarking on a journey in GT4 America before switching to GT3 machinery in the following season.

A race winner in World Racing League as well, Erin had collected a class victory at the 2018 25 Hours of Thunderhill in an Audi R8 GT4 LMS with an all-female team - and she is set to give a second life to that car for her new programme: Hannah Grisham, Sarah Montgomery and Vogel herself will take the wheel for the team's first race, ahead of a 2024 racing programme.

“I love Erin’s vision for this team, and I’m thrilled that we’re going to be able to work together to provide opportunities for female racers in GT4 equipment", commented Shift Up Now CEO Pippa Mann. "I’m so grateful to our partners, and to Erin, for making this racing program happen, and we’re ready for their debut!”

“I want to thank Pippa and Sarah for giving their blessing and support to this crazy idea from the very beginning, and for all their help in procuring resources for the program", continued Vogel. "Driving with Sarah this year has been a wonderful experience and so much dang fun. I’m very excited to race together again in December!"

“A special thank you to Aaron for being my better half, my sounding board and the only thing keeping me sane some days as we’ve worked to bring this all together. And especially for all his hard work and long hours getting the car ready to go racing again. Finally, thank you to WRL for all their help getting us ready to slot into the paddock in good form and style!”

Vogel and Montgomery - who have already shared the wheel in WRL earlier this year, will be joined by Hannah Grisham - who was the protagonist of a historic double victory in GT4 America at Indianapolis.

“Coming off two wins at our final weekend of Pirelli GT4 America, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be back in a GT4 car so soon", Grisham said. "I’m very excited to share the car with Erin and Sarah, and I think we have a chance at being a real dream team!”

“To say the least, I’m grateful for this new opportunity" - Sarah Montgomery echoed. "I trust Erin and Aaron to put together a program that will allow us the best chance at winning races! I’m excited to see where this team goes in the future and how we can help each other along the way.”



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