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Hailie Deegan to sport "Screen to Speed" livery at Las Vegas

Hailie Deegan's Ford F-150 truck will race at the upcoming Victoria's Voice Foundation 200 in Las Vegas sporting a livery dedicated to the 'Screen to Speed' all-female sim racing event.

Photo: Init Esports

NASCAR star Hailie Deegan will sport a livery dedicated to the upcoming "Screen to Speed" Esport event at Las Vegas on March 3, as part of the initiative to promote and empower women in motorsport as well as sim racing.

The event is promoted by Init Esports – a woman-led organization that produces both online and real-life events – will host the first IRL all-female sim racing competition, with 20 of the fastest female sim racers in the world, selected via a Time Attack ranking on iRacing.

The initiative is part of a bigger effort by Init Esports and Kelly Moss to promote women's involvement in the sport, using sim racing as a more sustainable route to develop young drivers at grass root levels, and then explore the opportunities to graduate from virtual to race track.

Hailie Deegan's Ford F-150 truck will therefore race at the upcoming Victoria's Voice Foundation 200 with the Screen to Speed colours, and the driver will also be part of the commentary team for the Esport finale on Saturday – which will be streamed live on @initesports Twitch and Youtube channels and also on ESTV from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on March 4th.

Deegan will also award the $15,000 check to the winner of the first-ever global sim racing competition for women, by women powered by Pennzoil. The live show will include interviews with the racers, behind-the-scenes footage, celebrities in attendance and giveaways, making it an exciting experience for audiences in location as well as those watching remotely.

The winner will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to test a Kelly Moss race car under the guidance of racing driver Sabré Cook.

Ford Performance and Pennzoil are partners of the initiative, with Fanatec also providing sim racing hardware.



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