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Hankook & Formula E expand partnership for FIA Girls on Track program

In its fifth year of partnership with Formula E, the FIA Girls On Track initiative will be expanded to include more workshops and behind the scenes insights from 4 race events, as well as virtual events - with new tyre supplier Hankook becoming Presenting Partner.

Photo credits: Hankook

The FIA initiative Girls On Track will return to the FIA Formula E championship in 2023, hosting events at Mexico City, Diriyah, Sao Paulo and Jakarta and with the series' new tyre supplier Hankook as the Presenting Partner.

The programme was launched in 2019 and is aimed to introduce girls and young women aged between 12 and 18 to motorsports and show them the different career opportunities that the industry can offer: from racing drivers to engineers, mechanics, media, marketing.

The ninth FIA Formula E season will include more workshops and behind the scenes insights for the young participants, with a stronger focus on education, career planning and gathering motorsport experience. For the first time, the initiative will include virtual meetings, alongside approximately 100 participants on site at the racetracks. The new format will allow even more young women from all over the world to be inspired by leading female figures working in the industry.

Over the first five years, the FIA Girls On Track events hosted 1800 young women at 11 Formula E races; participants could first-hand experience the technology behind the sport and - often for the first time - consider motorsport as a viable career option through workshops, discussions and kart races.

"Through the collaboration between the FIA Women In Motorsport Commission and Formula E, we have enabled thousands of young women around the world to discover motorsport" - explained Deborah Mayer, President of the FIA Women In Motorsport Commission.

"The FIA Girls On Track programme has been the start point for a career in motorsport for some. For others, it's a glimpse of the many roles they can play beyond the cockpit. I would like to thank Hankook for their support which will further enhance the quality and visibility of our programme."

The expansion of the 'Girls On Track' programme is also one further step in Hankook's involvement for social sustainability and gender diversity.

“Hankook are fully committed to supporting the FIA Girls on Track Programme for the upcoming season", said Manfred Sandbichler, Hankook Motorsport Director for Europe.

"With the topic of tyres, we are presenting another aspect of professional motorsport", he added - "the Hankook team wants to use our involvement in Formula E to offer the youngsters a fascinating insight into what goes on behind the scenes in motorsport."

As Formula E Sustainability Director Julia Palle echoed, the FIA Girls On Track events have already proven to be the igniting force behind some career choices in some women today working in the Formula E paddock, which really highlights the potential that such initiatives can have on inspiring the younger generations.

"By also launching the programme virtually, we will engage so many more girls that could have future careers in motorsport and help accelerate gender diversity in the industry.” - Palle added.

While female racing drivers are still a small percentage of their male colleagues - around 1.5% according to FIA data - such initiatives have the crucial role to showcase all the different career paths that the sport offers, in order to make motor racing a more diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment.




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