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Hard fought last weekend in ADAC GT4 Germany at Nürburgring

The final round of the 2021 season of ADAC GT4 Germany saw lots of trouble and tough battles for our ladies in the grid. Gabriela Jílková, Victoria Froß, Claudia Hürtgen, Alesia and Jaqueline Kreutzpointer tackled the last two races of the year to score some points.

Photo by Gruppe C GmbH

The last round of ADAC GT4 Germany at the Nürburgring saw the exciting battle between Michael Schrey/Gabriele Piana (Hofor Racing by Bonk Motorsport) and Jan Marschalkowski/Théo Nouet (Team Zakspeed) for the championship title 2021. The Mercedes drivers of team Zakspeed were 21 points behind, but everything was possible with the 30 cars strong grid.

Fighting for P4 in the championship - Gabriela Jílková and Robert Haub were looking for some points after an awesome first half of the season and some troubles during the last round at Hockenheimring. Fighting for points also were Victoria Froß, Claudia Hürtgen, Alesia and Jacqueline Kreutzpointer on Mercedes and BMW.

Photo by Gruppe C Photography

The qualifying started exciting with both title contender teams closely together with the better starting position for Schrey/Piana on P3 and Maschalkowksi/Nouet on P5. The pole position scored Dörr/Hantke (Dörr Motorsport) ahead of Sasse/Ortmann (Prosport Racing).

Fischer put his BMW on P19 for the first race of the weekend as best team with female participation as Claudia Hürtgen did another guest start this weekend. Haub/Jílková followed on P21, the Kreutzpointer Twins on P23 and Kovac/Froß on P27.

Pole sitter Dörr led the race from the beginning and pulled away soon followed by Piana, but Sasse passed Kosch soon and set out in pursuit of the top. Second in the championship Marschalkowski had hard work in the midfield and missed out the tow for the lead and his title rival Piana. But then the unbelievable drama began.

Piana, on P2 had the best chance to win the title with Schrey, but during the pit stop for driver change he missed out his pit box, stopped in the pitlane and collided with a Porsche who came behind him in the pitlane - the end for Piana and Schrey for this race.

Hantke came out as leader again as he took over the car from Dörr, but Ortmann (with Sasse) soon caught up with him and passed for the leading spot. Hantke dropped back until P4 as Møller Madsen and Pavel Lefterov overtook him as well and had a close battle for P2 with the better end for Møller-Madsen/Schreier, but latter got a penalty for cutting a corner and dropped back to third.

Nouet/Marschalkowksi shortened the distance to 12 points in the championship standings behind Piana/Schrey with a 9th place in the race.

Just outside the Top10 finished Claudia Hürtgen together with Fischer in P11.

Gabriela Jílková and Robert Haub had a great race and recovered from P26 after a grid penalty for Haub to P13 at the finish line with an awesome performance of both drivers.

Alesia and Jacqueline Kreutzpointner had a great race as well with a good drive from P23 to P19: "We are absolutely satisfied with the race," said Alesia afterwards. “We were able to show some nice duels and work our way up a bit. Now we are still working a little on the vote for tomorrow. "

Kovac and Victoria Froß finished 22nd and last on the grid again.

Photo by Gruppe C GmbH

In the second qualifying Springob (Lefterov/T3 Motorsport) came out fastest ahead of Møller-Madsen (Schreier/W&S Motorsport) and Nouet (Marschalkowski/Team Zakspeed).

With a great lap Gabriela Jílkova put her Mercedes from Team Zakspeed on P13 as best team with female participation for the last race of the season in 2021. Claudia Hürtgen followed directly behind in P14. The Racing Twins and Victoria Froß completed the grid with P26 and P27.

Springob defended his lead at the start and led the race into the first laps. Schrey had a great start to jump from 14th to 6th on the grid and an early saftey car phase because of the recovery of Robin Falkenbachs Mercedes.

But then the drama began again. Some of the teams had chosen wet tires at the beginning of the race, but the drying off track slowed them down. Among them both championship teams with Schrey/Piana and Nouet/Marshalkowski, dropping back and battling in the back of the field for the title.

During the pit stop and driver switch all teams who started with wet tires changed to slicks, but it was too late. Both title contenders finished P19 (Nouet/Mashalkowski) and P20 (Piana/Schrey). That meant that Piana/Schrey won the championship 2021 in the ADAC GT4 Germany, with Team Zakspeed scoring the team title and Nouet winning the junior championship.

After the driver switch Lukas Schreier took over the leading Porsche of Møller-Madsen, but was passed by Sturm/König with a better timed pit stop. The beginnig of a though battle between König, Schreier and Sasse for the victory.

It was Sasse who passed both opponents and took home the last victory of the season ahead of Scheier and König.

Claudia Hürtgen and Fischer again finished just outside the Top10 with P11.

Gabriela Jilkova and Robert Haub took home a 16th place after a difficult second half of the season and finished P8 in the championship standings in their debut season in ADAC GT4 Germany.

Team Driverse and the Kreutzpointer twins finished P23 as they started the race with wet tires and Alesia was able to score some positions before the rain stopped and she dropped back. “The first laps were a lot of fun. We were able to win a lot of positions, ”said Alesia, nevertheless satisfied. Jacqueline adds: “We played poker and it didn't work out. Still, it was a good race and the team did a great job."

Kovac and Victoria Froß took home P25 at their last race of the season.

The new season will start in Oschersleben from 22nd to 24th April with at least one female driver on the grid as Gabriela Jílková is already announced with [ z |vo ] Racing for another year in ADAC GT4 Germany together with Robert Haub.




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