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Irina Sidorkova counts down the hours to return to the racetracks

On the eve of her return to competitions, Irina Sidorkova shows great performance after the testing sessions and has good expectations for the season in RSKG.

Photo courtesy: Ira Sidorkova

278 days after her last official race on September 3, 2021 in Zandvoort (NED), next weekend Irina Sidorkova will finally be back in a racing competition. The young driver returns to RSKG, a national touring cars series, and will have her first activity on the track this Friday, in the free practice session of the 1st round, which will take place at the Smolensk Ring.

With three RSKG seasons under her belt, Ira will debut in the "Super Production" class, where she will race at wheel of a Subaru BRZ, for the Sofit Racing Team. As she said in a recently interview with Racers, the idea of racing in a rear-wheel drive car is to keep herself used to driving in these technical conditions and be well prepared for when she will have the opportunity to get back into formula cars. In the last few months, Sidorkova only had three opportunities to test and get to know her new car; however, even with little time of practice on track, she showed good performance, pleasing her instructor, Victor Shaytar.

He recently praised Irina in pre-season sessions and highlighted her fast adaptation to the new car and her dedication to learning:

"In general, the impression of the tests is positive", he said. "It's good to work with Ira: she listens and listens to the coach, and when we discuss something with her and decide to change something about the driving, she immediately does it."

"And so we make the most of the time that we have. we can pass on the track. Speed ​​is also fine: Ira managed to do laps at the same time as the best Subaru BRZ driver showed in qualifying last year."

Ira Sidorkova also told us about her training experience and how it feels to return to racing!

RACERS: Ira, we have seen the words of your instructor, Victor Shaytar, about your performance in the last tests before your return to RSKG, and he highly praised your evolution with your new car. In a self-assessment, how would you describe your overall participation in tests and your adaptation to Subaru BRZ?

IRINA: "I am sure that I still haven't spent too much time driving Phil (how the Subaru BRZ was baptized, following her tradition) yet to understand it completely. As for the assessment of my coach, then he is the coach, he should feel it better.

However, the car is fast though with some specific issues. For example, I have a search manual gearbox but with special sport settings and it requires some special practice to switch it properly to win those tenth of a second. But I like the car and I'm sure we can be competitive."

R: How are you feeling knowing that you are only two days away from being back in a competition?

I: "Happy that though too late, my season 2022 do start, aren't you?"

Photo courtesy: Ira Sidorkova

Irina Sidorkova's season in RSKG gets underway this Friday with free practice and qualifying. And it continues on Saturday and Sunday, with two races, one per day, where she will have the opportunity to show her talent and hopefully fighting for victories in doing what she loves most – racing.



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