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Jamie Chadwick tests Euroformula Open car at Silverstone

British upcoming racing star Jamie Chadwick made a surprise debut this morning in the Euroformula Open practice session.

The inaugural W-Series champion Jamie Chadwick took part today in the two free practice sessions for this weekend's round of the Euroformula Open championship at Silverstone.

Having announced earlier this week her attendance at the F1 Italian Grand Prix in Monza for media duties, the Williams F1 Team development driver made a last-minute appearance at Silverstone on Friday morning when she tested a Dallara F3 car ran by Double R Racing, before flying to Italy later in the evening.

“It’s unbelievable. So much downforce, a lot more power than I’m used to. It’s a really, really cool car,” - said Jamie. “I think it’s a great F3 car, it’s a shame they don’t run it still in other series, or W Series as well. It’s fantastic to drive."

It was a very last-minute chance for 21-year old Chadwick, as she is potentially exploring further possibilities of being back in the car for one of the remaining rounds at Barcelona or Monza.

“If they don’t clash with anything, it would be great to look at doing some more racing at the end of this year. Obviously this weekend didn’t quite work out, it was very last minute to do today, I’ve got to go out to Monza afterwards anyway. If an opportunity comes up, I’d love to do a race weekend this year.”

The series will adopt the new Dallara F3 generation from 2020 and we understand that Euroformula Open is among the options Chadwick will evaluate for her next racing campaign: "I would definitely love to race it [the new Dallara 320]. I think next year will be exciting if this championship, and other championships can get that car.”

Chadwick qualified for the second W-Series season so, if financially viable, she might combine two racing schedules in her quest for FIA Super Licence points.

Ph credits: Euroformula Open



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