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"Racing Beyond Limits": Iron Dames launch web series

Iron Dames, the fully-female line-up that has been breaking barriers in ELMS and at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, will be launching a web series to take you behind the scenes of their 2020 season

Photo credits: Iron Lynx Motorsport Lab

They did it once in 2019 and they did it again - the Iron Dames made headlines less than a month ago at Circuit de Sarthe, where the all-female crew finished the toughest race in the world in the top-10.

For the second year in a row, Michelle Gatting, Rahel Frey and Manuela Gostner completed the endurance classic in ninth position, after a flawless and mistake-free 24-hour race.

It’s been another roller-coaster of a year for the Iron Dames, a project born from the dream of driver and advocate for women in motorsport Deborah Mayer.

After making history in 2019, the three ladies have become ambassadors for female empowerment, also thanks to the many initiatives promoted by Iron Lynx Motorsport, its sponsors and the FIA Women in Motorsport commission.

By making their voice heard in a widely male-dominated environment like motorsport, the Iron Dames are much more than a racing team - rather the proof that passion and determination can go a long way and can help to break down barriers. They embody that change and diversity that our sport sometimes lacks.

Their story will now be told also through an exclusive Youtube web series, “Racing Beyond Limits” - a title that perfectly captures the project’s values - that aims to bring race fans behind the scenes of these pioneers’ adventure in motorsports through six episodes.

Cameras will follow Michelle, Rahel and Manuela not only on track, but also in their daily lives and challenges; a fascinating and emotional glimpse behind what it takes to compete at the highest levels of endurance racing.

Indeed, their story keeps inspiring men and women alike, of every generation.

This is why Swiss watchmaker Hublot, main partner of the team, recently renewed its sponsorship with Iron Lynx and will continue to support the Iron Dames, as they have also led the way in several brand activation campaigns during the unfortunately audience-free Le Mans 24 Hours.

As the Iron Lynx outfit gets ready to race this weekend at another iconic motorsport venue - the Temple of Speed in Monza - fans now have the chance to be further immersed in the Iron Dames’ dreams and adventures via their social media profiles and, soon, on their Youtube channel.

You can watch the “Racing Beyond Limits” web series official trailer here:



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