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Tatiana Calderon debuted in Porsche Supercup

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

This weekend F2 driver Tatiana Calderón debuted in Porsche Supercup in Mexico with a DNF in race 1 and a P24 in race 2.

The first weekend of Porsche Supercup in Mexico wasn´t what Tatiana Calderón hoped for. She (and some other drivers) did not take part in free practice due to a food poisoning and her first step with her Porsche was the qualifying on Saturday.

Race 1 was a showdown of many overtakes and an exciting fight for the title. Michael Ammermüller was passed by Ayhancan Güven at the start, but fought back and led the race from lap 1 to the finish. Güven was second and behind him was Tio Ellinas on the podium. Ammermüller wins the title with a gap of 22 points to Güven with one race of the season to go. This race´s ProAm-Class was won by Philipp Sager.

Tatiana Calderóns first race in Porsche Supercup ended early as a result of an accident and a damaged rear.

Champion Ammermüller started from pole position and won the last race of the season too with Ayhancan Güven and Jaxon Evans behind him on the podium.

Güven won the start, but on lap 4 Ammermüller passed Güven and scored the second victory this weekend. The fight for P3 was hard and as the cars of Mikkel Pedersen and Julien Andlauer tangled: Evans passed both and scored the last place on the podium.

The second race wasn´t even better for Tatiana. A first lap incident and a front supension damage stopped her for 16 laps, before she rejoind the race and finished it on P24.

Ammermüller was crowned champion with Güven and Andlauer behind him in the standings. Rookie-Champ is Güven and in the ProAM-class was won by Roar Lindland.

For Tatiana Calderón it wasn´t the weekend she hoped for, but she gathered some new experiences and learned a lot for the next steps in her career.

The weekend in Tatiana's own words:

"We didn't start the weekend as we wanted. I had to miss free practice because I got intoxicated on Thursday night and although we tried everything, antibiotics and serum, at the medical center I was not allowed to get in the car. The classification was like my free practice and with just 5 laps to push, I got the 21st and 20th positions for the races. Saturday I was advancing, but they hit me very hard and the rear of the car was damaged, which prevented me from continuing in the race. Sunday I had a better start, I advanced some positions and then I got squeezed. The front suspension of the car was damaged, and although I had to turn the steering wheel on its side to go straight we still managed to finish.
Racing in Mexico has been an incredible experience. I want to thank Huawei-Telcel-Claro-Infinitum for all the support and for the incredible opportunity to race here. I hope to come back!”

Ph credits: Porsche Motorsport



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