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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The Italian racer's return to Misano for her home race has taken her back to memories of her early days in motorsport, but it was also an opportunity to find some stunning speed in the early day of the Italian W-Series round.

All the eyes of the media in the Italian Riviera's circuit were on the local star today: Vicky Piria, the only Italian on the W-Series grid, faced the hard task to balance driving duties and the overwhelming emotions of racing again on home soil in such a competitive environment, after a 4 years hiatus from international motorsport.

We met Vicky after the second practice session and had the chance to ask her some questions:

“This is one of my favourie circuits in the world where I raced.”

Racers: What's the feeling of racing at your home race?

Vicky: It certainly is a very special feeling, this is one of my favourite circuits in the world where I raced. It is also linked to my first experiences in motorsports, as I raced here early in my career and where I had the first taste of formula cars such as Formula Renault.

R: What do you expect from tomorrow's race?

V: It's gonna be a tough race, I am very happy about today's performances and I hope I can repeat that tomorrow but it's not going to be easy.

R: Briefly explain us how this circuit differs from the previous W-Series rounds.

V: I always had a great feeling with this track and I always had good results here. As I said, it's one of my very favourite places, it's very technical compared to the previous ones, and I think it fits my driving style, also due to my experience.

R: What is the difference between this car and the formula cars you've driven in the past?

V: This is a very different car, structurally, and thus I had to change significantly my driving style. This is why I struggled a bit in the first race weekends, but now I'm starting to see the results of my work.

R: What does W-Series represents to you and what do you think is this championship added value?

V: W-Series is certainly a good opportunity for girls and for their exposure. And of course, I'm doing what I love so when you do what you love, it wouldn't have made sense to decline.

R: Lastly, do you miss racing and comparing yourself with male drivers?

V: No, we have a really huge competition here!!

“ I'm doing what I love so when you do what you love, it wouldn't have made sense to decline.”

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