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Victoria Farfus and Mia Oger added to Iron Dames karting roster

Karting talents Victoria Farfus and Mia Oger have joined the Iron Dames family and will represent the iconic colours of the ground-breaking team in an international karting program.

Victoria Farfus, Mia Oger
Photo credits: Andrea Lorenzina / Iron Dames

Groundbreaking project Iron Dames has recently expanded its horizons to rallying, as well as horse jumping competitions. Last year, Spanish karter Natalia Granada, 15, joined the lineup of drivers as Iron Dames entered international karting competitions; two more young stars of karting now join the project: Victoria Farfus and Mia Oger, both aged 12.

Since 2018, Iron Dames have established themselves as a reference point for women within the sport at the highest level of endurance racing, writing indelible pages of history for motorsport - and the organization led and created by Deborah Mayer continues to scout and add new talents to the roster.

"We are thrilled to welcome Vicky and Mia to the Iron Dames family", said Mayer, "their passion, talent and dedication are truly inspiring, and we are committed to providing them with the support and guidance they need to thrive in the world of motorsport."

"In recruiting these promising talents, we embrace our mission to provide opportunities, empower the younger generation and reinforce our commitment to paving the way for future generations of female racing stars.”

Karting remains a crucial step in grassroots motorsport, and one that is vital to support in order to improve accessibility and expand the base of the pyramid, both numerically and competitively. The addition of Farfus and Oger thus work in this direction, building momentum in top level karting competitions.

Farfus started karting at 11, before she entered her first racing season in 2023: she finished third at the 50 mile kart race at Granja Viana in Brazil, then raced in the Mini 60 class at international level. She made her first appearance in the Champions Of The Future Academy program at Al Forsan, Abu Dhabi, in November 2023, then was selected as part of the F1 Academy "Discover Your Drive" program, which saw the young Brazilian taking part in the season opener at Cremona for the first time in the OK-N Junior class.

Mia Oger first started karting aged 7, and has been climbing the ladder in France, quickly reaching the National category. She was the highest-finishing female driver in the IAME World Finals in 2022.

Both Victoria and Mia were part of an Iron Dames' scouting initiative held last December in Aragon, where they emerged as the most successful candidates for their driving skills as well as determination and hard work on and off the track. They will represent Iron Dames in their iconic colours in an international karting program.

Their 2024 plans in fact include extensive testing, as well as participation in the ROK and WSK championships. Victoria Farfus will be also competing in the Champions Of The Future Academy Program, while Mia Oger will compete in France.

Victoria Farfus
Photo credits: Iron Dames



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