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W-Series reveals prize money for all drivers

W-Series has revealed that all 2019 entrants will benefit from prize money distribution, as well as the initial 2020 season details.

W-Series keeps rethinking racing. The all-female championship has today announced a US$ 1.5 million prize pot to be distributed among all the entrants, based on the final standings positions.

The 18 drivers were chosen earlier this year through a merit-based selection and with no sponsorship budget required, an all-time innovation for junior formulae.

With two race weekends left on the inaugural season's calendar, W-Series drivers will thus compete for the highest US$500,000 prize, with lowest-placed finishers to benefit from a US$7500 prize.

The total prize fund for 2019 will be distributed as follows:

1st place: US$500,000 2nd place: US$250,000 3rd place: US$125,000 4th place: US$100,000 5th place: US$90,000 6th place: US$80,000 7th place: US$70,000 8th place: US$60,000 9th place: US$50,000 10th place: US$40,000 11th place: US$30,000 12th place: US$25,000 13th place: US$20,000 14th place: US$15,000 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th places: US$7500 Reserves: US$7500

With rounds in Assen (19-20 July) and Brands Hatch (9-10 August) left on the championship calendar, British Jamie Chadwick leads the standings, as Beitske Visser, Marta Garcia and Fabienne Wohlwend are still mathematically in contention for the first historic W-Series title.

More details on the 2020 season are also being revealed: the top 12 drivers on the final classify will automatically be granted a place on next year's grid, while lowest finishers will have to re-apply for the driver's selection programme.

This means that the series winner will be allowed to defend her title.

"Building on the ongoing success of W Series this year, next year’s W Series will be open to the top 12 points-scoring drivers in the final 2019 W Series points table, and we’re already receiving plenty of expressions of interest from other drivers who haven’t taken part in W Series so far." - commented the series CEO, Catherine Bond Muir.

Further details of the 2020 selection schedule are yet to be finalized.

As previously reported, W-Series will also be eligible for FIA Super-licence points starting from the 2020 season, with the FIA yet to determine the number of points and their distribution.

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