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Brittney Zamora wins and makes history at Nashville Fairgrounds

NASCAR hopeful Brittney Zamora took victory in the Pro Late Model Division and made history at Nashville Fairgrounds.

Photo: Brittney Zamora Racing / Twitter

The Nashville Fairgrounds is unique because it's in the heart of the City of Nashville. One of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with a vibrant culture of country music, southern hospitality, and big motorsport following. While NASCAR is racing at Nashville Superspeedway, IndyCar races at downtown Nashville in a unique street course, the Fairgrounds 5/8 mile track is a shell of what it was.

Built in 1964, the short track became a premier host for NASCAR's premier series, the NASCAR Cup Series. It was common for a handful of locals to participate in the races against the greats like Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, and David Pearson. Nashville Fairgrounds was the opportunity for drivers like Darrell Waltrip, Sterling Marlin, and many other short-track racers to prove they could race with the top stars of NASCAR.

Once NASCAR stopped coming, the track continued to host the American Late Models series. Late Models look like NASCAR Cup Series cars, but all of them come from a general spec chassis, crate engine, and body from a fabricator. There is still room to have a winning setup and dominate the competition. Late Models are found across the nation as part of the NASCAR Advanced Autoparts Series, and Nashville Fairgrounds is one track many drivers wish to win at.

For Brittney Zamora, that dream came true at 22 when she won at Nashville Fairgrounds and became the first female racer to win at the race track. This win meant a lot to Brittney, not only because of where the win happened but the big change she made to advance her racing career.

Just three weeks prior, several local news outlets reported on Brittney moving to Lebanon, 35 minutes away from downtown Nashville. The move is big because Brittney is originally from the small town of Kennewick, a small town on the east side of Washington state. To be competitive in short-track racing and a shot at NASCAR, the move is necessary.

Before she moved, Brittney raced in the ARCA West Series, a smaller level that focuses on the west coast. While the series is ideal for teams and drivers in the west coast region of the United States, the lack of media and sponsorship attention makes it hard to find competitive competition and opportunities. By relocating she left her home behind, continued college through Washington State University online course, and is now in the heart of American short-track racing in the southeast.

Many journalists and scouts agree Zamora should have another opportunity in ARCA someday, and this win was an affirmation that Brittney can win against the best racers. With a win under her belt at Nashville Fairgrounds, more sponsorship opportunities are likely to present themselves to Brittney. There are still some landmark races ahead, including the All American 400 and the Snowball Derby, which current Cup Series champion Chase Elliott raced last year.

Brittney's win was not a win for the history books and a future trivia question, and her win was a statement that she has arrived in NASCAR country and is ready to fight for the win. Expect to see Brittney Zamora at more races across the southeast, and don't be surprised to see her in the ARCA Menard East or ARCA Menards Series at some point in 2022.



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