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Hedda Hosås: "I could race around the same track multiple times & not get tired of it - like never!"

We had a chat with one of the most interesting up-and-coming stars in rallycross, who has recently enjoyed international attention due to her involvement in the new electric off road series Extreme E as Veloce Racing's reserve driver. Let's discover more about the career of Hedda Hosås!

Photo by Veloce Racing

Hedda Hosås is a name that first appeared on the global stage last year, as the young Norwegian was announced as part of the Extreme E Rookie test for Veloce Racing and is now holding a reserve driver role in the British outfit. But Hosås is certainly not new in the sport, having competed in the Norwegian Rallycross Championship.

We had a chat with Norwegian rallycross up-and-coming talent and Veloce Extreme E development driver Hedda Hosås, ahead of the new season; as we discover more about the career of the driver that made a last minute debut in Saudi at NEOM. Here's what she told us.

"Motorsport is my dream. It is a big opportunity and I'm so thankful to be a part of Veloce."

Racers: For everyone who maybe doesn't know you, please introduce who Hedda is on the off the track?

Hedda Hosås: My name is Hedda, I´m from Norway and live in a small town called Voss.

I work as a mechanic. I chose this profession because my dad once said to me: 'who is going to fix the cars when I don´t have the time to help you?' So, since I started with motorsport, I also got interested in mechanical things, I wanted to know how the cars work and wanted to do it on my own. And I'm happy I chose that.

On the racetrack I´m the aggressive one actually [she laughs].

R: How did you get into motorsport? I read that you started with motocross and the transitioned to rallycross later?

HH: I started with motorsport when I was 15 years old. I started with motocorss because the boys did it. And it looked so much fun I wanted to try it too.

At 16, my dad introduced me to car racing because my brother did it and my father was used to it. Of course I wanted to try - I have always liked adrenaline and I was not afraid to try out new things.

At first I did both, but I wanted to do rallycross and I never had a lot of money, as motorsport is expensive as we all know. So I sold my motocross and needed to get more sponsors. I had to learn to fix my cars, that's why I chose to become a mechanic.

R: What would your long-term goal in motorsport be? You're racing in the Norwegian Rallycross Championship and are involved in Extreme E - so maybe you see WRX or Extreme E in your future or something different?

HH: I have never tried off-road before, but after I tested the Extreme E car and drove the Polaris I loved it!

Photo credits: Veloce Racing

R: Do you think that it's more difficult as a woman in this sport? Like, to be accepted and prove you're as good as the men, or in finding teams and sponsors?

HH: No, I don’t think so. I feel like there are a lot of women in racing now, and it has become kind of normal. It's very good.

R: Generally, has it been important for you to see other women competing in motorsport? Do you think that you can be a role model for young girls to start out in rallycross or motorsport in general?

HH: Yes, it was actually. And it still is.

I'm watching other girls on social media that do different types of motorsport, and I hope I can be an idol for young girls.

R: Did Covid stop you in the last couple of years for example in searching for new sponsors or did you find it to not be a big hurdle to deal with?

HH: I did get a lot 'we have struggled during Covid, so we can’t support you this season' - kind of messages. But, it went ok. I do get more sponsors for every year now!

R: What was the first thing you had in mind when Veloce asked you to join them in the Rookie test?

HH: I was so surprised and so happy! It was scary, but of course I did it as motorsport is my dream. It is a big opportunity and I'm so thankful to be a part of Veloce.

Photo courtesy: Veloce Racing

R: How was it to drive the ODYSSEY 21 for the first time, and how different is it to your rallycross car?

HH: It’s very different from what I'm used to, but so amazing. [It's a] very powerful and fast car. Loved it. I have never been driving off-road before, but I love it!

R: What fascinates you most about Extreme E as a series?

HH: I love that it's equal between men and women. That's what I like the most!

And that they race in the places most affected by the growing global warming crisis. So, you learn a lot when you do a race also.

R: What are your plans for 2022? Can you tell us more?

HH: I will be the development driver for Veloce, so we have some projects there and I will compete in the Danish rallycross championship where I will be driving for Linnemann Promotion.

I'll do some races in Norway for training, as I'm doing my best to get as much training and driving I as can get.

R: Did you have an alternative if you hadn't ended up in motorsport?

HH: No! [she laughs] that’s all I want to do.

R: Last question - where do you see yourself in five year's time?

HH: Hopefully I can make a living from motorsport.

Hedda Hosås already showed us her grit in the first race of the new Extreme E season, as she jumped into Veloce's Odyssey21 for the Crazy Race after Christine GZ had a big accident in the qualifying session, ending up with a broken foot.

Hosås - who was supposed to be Championship driver deputising for Tamara Molinaro - gained valuable experience in her first racing session, but due to a technical issue after the big accident, the team made no progress into the finals.

We will hopefully see Hedda back in the Extreme E SUV for a proper chance - but firstly, she will be back driving in the Danish rallycross championship, as the first event of the season is set to take place on 23rd to 24th April at Nisseringen.



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