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Rafaela Ferreira announced as the first female driver in the 2023 Brazilian F4 season

A rising talent in the Brazilian karting scene, young Rafaela Ferreira will be the second woman to ever race in the Brazilian F4.

Photo courtesy: Rafaela Ferreira

After Girls On Track - Rising Stars 2022 champion Aurelia Nobels became the first ever woman on the grid of the brand-new Brazilian F4 championship in 2022, the series will have guaranteed female presence also in the 2023 season, as 17-year-old Rafaela Ferreira announced that she will be step up to the category.

"It's already a great victory for me to be one of the first women to join the competition where the majority are men. I'm immensely grateful for this opportunity!" – said Rafaela on her social networks.

Encouraged by her father since childhood, Rafaela Ferreira is a rising talent in the Brazilian karting scene. At the age of 8, she entered competitions in Santa Catarina – her region of origin, where she won titles, was runner-up and achieved several significant results. In national competitions, she became the first woman to take pole position in the Copa Brasil de Kart in the F4 Graduated category in 2022.

Photo courtesy: Rafaela Ferreira

As she worked on her transition from karting to formula cars, Rafaela had her first contact with an F3 car in a free practice session at Interlagos in December last year, and in the first weeks of January, she had another opportunity to improve her experience, with a new session at the Ayrton Senna Circuit, in Goiânia.

In addition, Ferreira has been preparing physically for the demands of the highly competitive series. “I've already started preparing, I started training with formulas and intensified my training at the gym."

"I will do my best in the division and fight for the title.” – continued Rafaela about her goals for the season.

Just like in 2022, the grid will consist of 4 teams with 4 cars each – and soon the registered drivers will be assigned to the teams after the draw. What we do know is that Rafaela has a guaranteed place. The first stage of the 2023 Brazilian F4 season will be held at Interlagos Circuit, on April 23.



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