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Vicky Piria launches female-dedicated Simulator day

Vicky Piria is set to launch an initiative to bring women closer to motorsport via a female-dedicated day at the professional simulator facility where the W Series racer trains.

Candidates will be selected through an Instagram campaign.

Photo by: Racers - Behind the Helmet

W Series racer Vicky Piria the only Italian on the grid of the first all-female single seater championship is set to take her ambassadorial role for women in motorsport to a new level by launching an initiative dedicated to women interested in getting closer to the sport.

Piria, a well known personality in her native country thanks to TV appearances in car-related programs and with a social media following of over 200k across the main platforms, says that she is increasingly receiving feedbacks from women passionate about motor racing but struggling to find ways to live their dreams in what remains a male-dominanted environment.

"I can finally reveal a project that I have been working on and that I really care about" said Piria via her Instagram stories. "It is a project dedicated to all the women that follow my page, because I noticed that in the last few years my page has become a way to share our passion for cars", she explained. "Many girls wrote to me 'I love cars and I live this passion of mine through you'.

"So I thought about organizing a day at the simulator, at the center where I always train before the races, in Verona, and spend a day together and live a new experience."

Vicky will be selecting 6 women through an Instagram campaign, where candidates will have to upload a story or post on the social media representing their passion for motorsport, tagging Vicky herself and the hashtag #LaMiaVittoria.

"Many of you have been writing to me 'I love motorsport but I don't even know where to start, I don't know who to talk to, my parents think I'm crazy, my friends don't even want to know'. Through my social media I always try to show that I am a racing driver, but I am firstly a woman with a thousand passions." she concluded, encouraging her followers to pursue their dreams.

Piria's initiative is a great step to inspire the many women fascinated by motorsport but without the network to get behind the scenes. Selections are set to close on Monday at 24:00 CEST.

Photo by: Racers - Behind the Helmet



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