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Victory in Class for all-Female Team in VLN Last Race

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Two weeks ago Carrie Schreiner and Célia Martin took victory in class SP3T and P38 overall. What a success for the WS Racing Girls only! Ready to rock the Green Hell team where all crew and driver members are female.

Photo by VLN

It was the day of the year for the all-female team Girls only! Ready to rock the Green Hell with the drivers Carrie Schreiner and Célia Martin as their Golf GTI TCR crossed the line first in the SP3T class and with P38 of 164 cars in the overall ranking and the fastest laptime on top.

It´s the first year that WS Racing started the project with an all-female team: not just female drivers, but all crew members are in fact women - teamboss, engineers and mechanics. Partners and supporters are Giti Tire and Volkswagen, making the project possible in 2019. The first idea was already set in 2015, but time and resources were not in place until this season. But now the team has successfully taken off into the season and claimed the highest place with class victory at the last race of VLN at Nürburgring.

Carrie Schreiner started the race from grid position 3 and handed over to Célia Martin after lap 8. She passed the competitor in front of her and aimed for second place.

After 4 hours, Carrie Schreiner was able to take the lead for the first time in the race. In the latter stages of the race, Carrie Schreiner put down one fastest lap after the other and, with this last push, the team was able to take class victory with one lap margin.

It is the first victory for the all-female team and the best result so far for this young and very interesting project. Next year the Girls only! Team is set to continue with Carrie Schreiner and Célia Martin in the VLN.

Célia Martin:

"The car was perfect, I felt completely comfortable - one of my best races ever.

Carrie Schreiner:

"In the final stint everything fitted together. The victory is well deserved. We suffered so much this year, now we will celebrate."


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