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Visser, Agren discharged from hospital, all W Series drivers escape injuries after terrifying crash

W Series qualifying on Friday was marked by a monumental 6-car accident at Radillon - all the drivers escaped injuries, with Ayla Agren and Beitske Visser being discharged from hospital after further checks.

Photo by: W Series

The W Series 6-car pile up that marked the Belgian GP's Friday luckily ended with all the drivers escaping unharmed.

In the opening minutes of the all-female series qualifying, drivers knew they had to set a timed lap on slick before the rain would arrive on the 7.004 km-long famous racetrack.

Sarah Moore (Scuderia W) led the pack out of the pitlane and, when the British racer arrived at the Eau Rouge-Radillon complex on her second lap, light rain had already started to fall and all the drivers found no grip at the iconic corner.

Sarah Moore and Abbie Eaton went hard into the barriers, and were collected by Ayla Agren, Belén Garcia, Beitske Visser and Fabienne Wohlwend. The terrifying crash immediately brought out the red flag and the medical team was promptly on the scene.

If Moore, Garcia and Wohlwend were spotted in the pitlane approximately 20 minutes after the incident – understandably shocked and battered but on their feet – no news emerged about Visser, Agren and Eaton. The latter tweeted soon after to confirm that she wasn't injured.

The session was then restarted, with Ayla Agren and Beitske Visser undergoing checks in the medical centre. W Series would later confirm that the two drivers were transferred to a local hospital for further checks.

W Series' updates followed throughout the evening and Agren was released following medical assessments. Beitske Visser remained in hospital awaiting X-ray results to her right leg, but a CT scan had revealed no injuries, according to the official W Series accounts.

It was then Visser herself to update the whole motorsport community:

During the night, the Dutchwoman was also discharged from the hospital and Beitske was back in the W Series paddock on Saturday morning.

Agren wrote that she was "bruised and sore but no broken bones".

Some of the other drivers involved confirmed to us that they were "feeling sore but okay", with Belén Garcia and Fabienne Wohlwend saying that their cars are ready for today's race. Eaton posted that the W Series crew was working hard to get the car ready.

The W Series paddock is a close family and everyone was shocked after the series' first (and hopefully last) serious accident since its inception.

The Halo head protection proved particularly effective and likely saved a few lives on Friday.

A huge praise goes to Italian chassis-maker Tatuus, whose T318 cars proved to be very safe.

The Spa Francorchamps circuit will evaluate modification to the run-off and barriers at Radillon, following serious accidents in the past two years. In 2019, a F2 crash claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert and left Juan Manuel Correa seriously injured. Less than a month ago, Jack Aitken and Davide Rigon were injured in a multiple car accident at the 24 Hours of Spa.

With all the drivers now reassured by their colleagues' conditions, the focus now switched back to the upcoming race. Jamie Chadwick will start from pole position, ahead of title rival Alice Powell. Friday was rough. But today's another day.



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