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“Women Who Race” Youtube channel launched

The partnership between racing driver Laura van den Hengel and film agency KLCK has resulted in the launch of the new YouTube series "Women Who Race", a platform dedicated to showcasing the world of motorsport through the perspective of female racers.

Laura van den Hengel, Youtube channel Women Who Race
Photo credits: KLCK | Film Agency

Racing driver Laura van den Hengel and film agency KLCK launched the YouTube series “Women Who Race”, a new channel that will be entirely dedicated to showcasing the stories of women in motorsports.

"This channel is dedicated to showcasing the exhilarating world of Motorsports, but with a unique twist, this is a brand-new TV show focusing on Extreme Sports and Challenges, uniquely spotlighted from a powerful female perspective", van den Hengel says.

"We also premiere a deeply personal documentary – my own journey into the world of Motorsport", she continues. "Discover how I navigated my way into the most demanding car categories, why I chose the toughest class to compete in, and how I persevered despite the setbacks."

The Dutchwoman made her breakthrough debut last year in the GT Cup Open Europe series, effectively stepping up from karting to GT3 competitions. She made outstanding progress in only two outings, at Circuit Paul Ricard and Monza, where she finished twice in the top ten showing great potential. Van den Hengel is now set to contest her first full time campaign in the championship, having joined the fully-female crew at top team Mertel Motorsport in 2024, alongside Spaniard Alba Vazquez.

The show will feature extreme sports challenges for the most thrilling action and daring pursuits - always through the lens of women competitors, showcasing the most inspirational and untold figures.

At the same time, “Women Who Race” also aims to bring the viewers behind the scenes of the motorsport journey; a documentary series will shine a light on the challenges of the sport and how the protagonists make their way in the pursuit for their dreams.

"Learn about the falls, the failures, and more importantly, the audacity to pick myself up and get back in the race", continued van den Hengel. "Join me as we explore the thrilling world of Motorsport together!"

'Women Who Race' will premiere on Friday, April 19th, at 8 PM (CET) with its first episode.



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